The Life We Lead

Since 1997, CPL Advertising has partnered with clients to cultivate specialized audiences. The results have been meaningful
connections benefiting business and developing cultural awareness of a demographic that has proven elusive and difficult to
fathom by lesser agencies.

The key to CPL’s achievement is simple: We lead the same lives we seek to affect change in. That is, in order to create
change in the marketplace, we provide clients with an effective vantage point to access a market. What we think, why we
choose, how we spend: Our positioning is so close to the source, in fact, we feel its pulse. By this we mean, We Live the Life.

Immersed equally in both Korean and American lifestyles, and knowing their give-and-take, we grasp our market’s needs and
affect change there. With thoughtful interaction, effective communication, and a deep appreciation of hybrid culture, such as
the lives being led by Korean Americans today in Los Angeles and across the nation, we say with confidence, We get it.

It is from this vantage point of day-to-day experience in the community, CPL Advertising offers expertise and intimate
knowledge of the ‘Creative Planning Lifestyle’ we lead, along with a full-range of advertising and marketing services.